Self-Care Tips for the Weekend

We LOVE weekends!  It’s the perfect time to practise self-care before the week ahead.  These eight self-care activities are some of our favourites at Develop HQ. We try to do all of these throughout the week but if we run out of time, the weekend is ideal to catch up on our own self-care. Give some of these a go this weekend!

#1 Go for a walk 

Being out with nature is great for your mental health. In New Zealand for Mental Health Awareness week 2018, there was a strong focus on getting out of the house and being with nature. There is something to be said about the calming effect of being on the beach with your toes dipped in water or walking through the forest hearing the birding signing. “If in doubt, go walking” says Sean Lancaster – Personal Trainer.

#2 Read a book

This may seem really obvious, but it can be hard to find the time to read a book. At the end of a week night all I want to do is go to sleep, so what I’ve started doing is setting aside time in the weekends to read. With summer nearly here, it’s a good opportunity to sit on the deck and get some Vitamin D while I catch up on a few chapters. Audio books are also fantastic, if you don’t want to read.

#3 Celebrate

It’s important to take the time to celebrate the wins in life, no matter how big or small they may be. Often we can get so busy trying to achieve our goals that we forget to enjoy what we have just accomplished.
Maybe you’ve had a really tough week and it feels like nothing went the way you planned… Celebrate getting through the week! Every celebration counts!!

#4 Watch a movie

One of my favourite self-care activities is watching a movie. I love relaxing at the end of a week, putting on a movie, having a good laugh or getting lost in an exciting adventure.

#5 – Eat your favourite food

Weekends are the best for having a little extra time to do the things you love. During the week I never have time to put as much care and effort into cooking or baking, but the weekend always gives more time to prepare my favourite foods. One of my favourites is Rice Pudding, slow cooked in the oven for two hours – Can’t go wrong with Grandmas recipe!

#6 – Listen to music

Music can be soothing, motivating, social and calming.  Music can even help lift your mood if you’ve left all the housework and washing to be done in the weekend.  Put on some music while you do your chores, I promise this will help.

#7 – Try Meditation, Yoga or Mindfulness

If you’ve never tried meditation, yoga or practised mindfulness, why not start now?  There are so many videos and clips on YouTube to get you started or you can check out some of our interviews for tips when it comes to being more mindful.  this can help with anxiety and stress, if you’ve had a full on week.

#8 – Have a social media free day

Mention turning off social media and some people would yell, scream and throw a tantrum.  I’ve started spending a few hours each weekend with my phone left at home or in my bedroom.  I’ve changed from checking social media all the time to being 100% engaged with the people around me, it’s helped me be more present.  I can now go a whole day without my phone in the weekends, but it took baby steps, I started with a few hours at a time with no phone and no social media.


Kirsty Steel

Kirsty has been dedicated to training and developing the lives of people for over a decade throughout Australasia. She has presented health and wellbeing presentations to over 80,000 people ranging from not-for-profits, corporate businesses to schools, teen parenting units and youth prison.

Along with a Bachelor of Communication Studies and Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Kirsty has also completed Eating Disorder Facilitation and Applied Suicide Intervention. Her passion to see people living a happy, healthy life is what sparked the idea to start Develop HQ.