The Storms of Life – Getting Hit by Lightning

My husband Dave and I were recently on a trip back from Melbourne. We popped over for the weekend from New Zealand for my cousins wedding. It was a beautiful occasion with so much to be grateful for and celebrate! So needless to say, we were sad to leave but relaxed and ready to head home.


The day we were set to head back to New Zealand there was a storm brewing in Melbourne which happened to be the same day as the Melbourne Cup… so many unhappy people about the weather. After many delays with our flight, we boarded our plane and then proceeded to sit on the tarmac for an hour before we were able to fly up into the storm.


As we left Melbourne it was pretty bumpy and then the most unexpected thing happened, we were hit by lightning. The lightning strike was followed by the pilot saying over the intercom that he was unaware of the damage to the plane and we needed to divert to Sydney, as we couldn’t land back in Melbourne due to the storm.


The sudden lightning strike sent the nervous flier next to me into a full panic attack, which was followed by many anxious people wondering what was going to happen to our plane, our lives, would we survive! The person next to me had a real fear of flying and our plane getting hit by lightning brought all those feelings to the surface in a sudden rush. The reality is we all go through tough times in life and we all express this in different ways. I started to think about the times in my life where unexpected and unplanned events or circumstances have been beyond my control. I started to think about the things that helped me through those times.


Here are a few quick tips that may help next time you are experiencing your own storm in life:


Write an Appreciation List

Sometimes we can get so caught up in everything that is difficult, challenges and going wrong, yet this is when we need to stop, pause and take a moment to step back and put things in perspective. Write down the things that you appreciate or are grateful for. This helps remind you of all the positive and good things in your life when you may feel surrounded by a storm of negativity.


Practise Self-Care

Be kind to yourself. Take time out of your daily or weekly schedule to allow time for yourself. Self-Care can help bring calm and can include many different activities and exercises from the following list:

  • Prayer and meditation
  • Mindfulness and being present
  • Yoga, relaxation and listening to soothing music
  • Going for a walk
  • Eating healthy and nutritious foods
  • Having a massage
  • Reading a book
  • Catching up with friends
  • Watching a movie


Stay Off Social Media

Know that’s it normal to go through storms in life and tough times. However, someone’s social media feed isn’t a true indication of what is actually happening in their life. Most people don’t post on Instagram or Facebook when they have had a terrible day, they only post the highlight reel to their life. So, don’t compare yourself to their posts and take a break from social media.


Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes our storm may seem too big to deal with on our own, so talk with someone. This could be talking with a person you trust, a trained professional or a counsellor. Getting someone else’s perspective on a situation can be really helpful and give you new insights on your personal ‘storm’. They may even help bring you to find a solution.


If you are currently going through a difficult time and it feel like it will never end, hold on to hope that things can and will get better. Like every storm and weather bomb, it passes and moves on. That day when we our plane was hit by lightning, we eventually made it back to New Zealand safe and sound. While frightening and unsettling at the time we go through it!


Kirsty Steel

Kirsty has been dedicated to training and developing the lives of people for over a decade throughout Australasia. She has presented health and wellbeing presentations to over 80,000 people ranging from not-for-profits, corporate businesses to schools, teen parenting units and youth prison.

Along with a Bachelor of Communication Studies and Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Kirsty has also completed Eating Disorder Facilitation and Applied Suicide Intervention. Her passion to see people living a happy, healthy life is what sparked the idea to start Develop HQ.