Steve Yanko – District Operations Manager for St John

MENTAL HEALTH PART 2 – The mental health of a leader impacts the teams they are leading and the people they are managing. During this interview Steve looks at vulnerability and authenticity of our leaders, how to bounce back from a tough day and how to support your team in high pressure environments. Steve shares some of the keys around mental health that every leader needs to know.

Steve Yanko
About Steve Yanko

Steve Yanko joined St John in 1981 as a volunteer Ambulance Officer in Napier before progressing to a paid role in Dunedin.

In 2001 his service to St John was recognised when he was made a member of the Order of St John and later promoted to Officer of the Order.

In 2003 he progressed to the role of Rural Support Manager in Manawatu before being promoted to the role of Manawatu District Operations Manager in 2007.

Dedicated to the care of patients and the welfare of the his staff and volunteers, Steve is also connected to his community and St John as the Palmerston North Area Committee Chair.

LOCATION, Palmerston North, New Zealand