Sean Lancaster – Personal Trainer

WORKPLACE FITNESS – It’s often so easy to become lazy when you work behind a desk and are office bound all day. Sean talks working out in the workplace and ways we can incorporate exercise into our daily lives. He shares what we could be snacking on, when to work out and how many hours a week we should be exercising to stay fit and healthy.

Sean Lancaster
About Sean Lancaster

Sean Lancaster is a personal trainer and life coach. With years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Sean has worked with a variety of clients to help them work towards their own personal weight and fitness goals.

He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the importance of what we are fuelling our bodies with and how to maximise results that go beyond the numbers we see on the scale. His positive approach to life and fitness goals is inspiring as he challenges people to set targets and think about the effects that health and fitness can have their overall wellbeing.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand