Leah Royden – Registered Psychotherapist

RESILIENCE – During this video, Leah discusses resilience with us. She explains and unpacks the following concepts:

– What is means to be resilient

– How to process personal and professional failure

– How to bounce back from conflict

– How to cope when everything is stressful and seems to be going wrong

Leah’s insights will help you process what failure means to you personally and how to disconnect your failure from who you are as a person.


Key Takeaways:

Everyone processes tough times differently, it’s knowing that while something failed (a relationship, friendship, business venture or goal) that doesn’t make you a failure.

Leah Royden
About Leah Royden

A registered psychotherapist, Leah provides talk therapy for a range of issues including anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, grief, bereavement and depression. She’s researched sibling suicide and the experience of having difficult conversations.

Therapy often involves tough topics. But whatever struggle you’re facing, Leah’s ultimate goal in therapy with you will be the same – the expansion of your world and your possibilities for life.

You’ll find her office in Birkenhead, Auckland. To make an appointment or read more of Leah’s insights on therapy, wellbeing and the frustrations of owning a human brain, visit therapyauckland.com.