Leah Royden – Registered Psychotherapist

GRIEF, LOSS AND BEREAVEMENT – During this video, Leah discusses grief, loss and bereavement. She explains and unpacks the following concepts:

– How to you talk with someone who has lost a family member, friend or colleague.

– Common thoughts, feelings and emotions people experience when losing a loved one.

– How long does the grieving process takes.

– What practical things we can do to help someone through the process of grief? E.g. talking with them, self-care, being available to them.


Key Takeaways:

Grief is part of life and there is no one specific way to process losing a loved one. Don’t bottle up your thoughts, feelings and emotions, talk about it and practise self-care during difficult times.

Leah Royden
About Leah Royden

A registered psychotherapist, Leah provides talk therapy for a range of issues including anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, grief, bereavement and depression. She’s researched sibling suicide and the experience of having difficult conversations.

Therapy often involves tough topics. But whatever struggle you’re facing, Leah’s ultimate goal in therapy with you will be the same – the expansion of your world and your possibilities for life.

You’ll find her office in Birkenhead, Auckland. To make an appointment or read more of Leah’s insights on therapy, wellbeing and the frustrations of owning a human brain, visit therapyauckland.com.