Kristine Brown – Founder of SOH Melbourne

PARENTING + BUSINESS – As a mother of four children Kristine has a lot to juggle but seems to do it effortlessly. During this interview, she explains how she manages parenting and running a business. Kristine shares some tips and techniques that have helped her navigate the journey to being able to successfully manage a household and kids while still being able to focus on the daily details of a business.

Kristine Brown
About Kristine Brown

SOH Melbourne is a Melbourne based fragrance house founded by husband & wife team, Nathan & Kristine Brown.  With a focus on creating fragrances that were clean, fresh and Australian made while respecting and tipping their hat to the learnings of the traditional fragrance houses of Paris.

Kristine is the nose behind SOH together with world renowned perfumer Francois Merle-Baudoin.  They strive to create a fragrance collection that is innovating and a modern approach to age old perfumes.

SOH candles and parfum fragrances are built upon a blend of natural perfumes with flowers hand picked from the petal fields in Grasse right to the luxurious lavender fields in Australia’s Daylesford.  Fragrances are highly concentrated and both are hand poured and formulated in Melbourne.

LOCATION, Melbourne, Australia