Jordan Mauger – Assistant Director and 2016 Bachelor NZ

MEDIA + THE BACHELOR – Known as the 2016 Bachelor of New Zealand, Jordan Mauger shares how the show affected more than just his love life. He takes us behind the scenes of the cyber bulling, death threats and affect it had on his friends and family. In this interview Jordan gives us insights into how to tackle faceless bullying, media scrutiny and how to remain true to yourself when going on a reality television show.

Jordan Mauger
About Jordan Mauger

Jordan Mauger is an Assistant Director, Actor and was the New Zealand Bachelor for 2016. Jordans works behind and in front of the scenes in the film industry. He is known for Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016), Mahana (2016) and Gary of the Pacific (2017).

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand