Ian Grant – Speaker and Author

PARENTING + FAMILIES – Ian Grant is known for his sound parenting and family advice. In this interview, he shares common questions he has been asked over the years, how to balance raising children and having a career, along with what to do if you are struggling to connect with your kids. Ian gives tools and tips for parenting strong willed children, the biggest issues that face families today and also shares his own highlights from being a parent and grandparent.

Ian Grant
About Ian Grant

Speaker and Author

Ian has been an outstanding advocate for youth and parenting in New Zealand for many years. In 1993 Ian and his wife Mary established Parenting with Confidence Inc. (now The Parenting Place) the first resource centre for parents in New Zealand. Ian is a highly sought-after speaker at national events including conferences, service clubs, New Zealand television, schools and church events. 

Ian developed and fronted the New Zealand television programme ‘The Herd’ which ran for 8 years on Television One Primetime 6 pm Sundays, (subsequently shown in Denmark, Africa, USA and Australia). He also developed and fronted Christmas video shows (5 years) ‘That’s What You Think’ Australian TV Channel 7. 

In April 2006 Ian and Mary were jointly awarded the Auckland Mayor’s Living Legend award – the first couple to receive it. Ian was awarded the Companion of the Queens Service Order in 2009, in recognition of all his work helping youth and parents. He was also awarded Senior New Zealander of the year, 2013.

Ian has written ‐ Fathers Who Dare Win; The White Water Rafting Years (co-written with John Cowan for parents of teenagers); Growing Great Boys; Growing Great Girls; Communicate; and Growing Great Marriages. Ian and Mary have authored nine books between them, all of which have been best sellers in Australia and New Zealand. A number of their books have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Chinese and Serbian.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand