Graedon Parker – Co-Founder of Organic Mechanic

HEALTH + WELLNESS PART 2 – Graedon shares the importance of teaching our younger generation about Health and Wellbeing. He gives practical tips and ideas for parents on how to incorporate teaching health at home. Graedon explains in great detail the four keys areas of health and gives us some activities that we can try to improve our own wellbeing.

Graedon Parker
About Graedon Parker

Graedon Parker is an Internationally Award Winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Plant-Based Lifestyle and Hemp Advocate - Based In Auckland, Aotearoa NZ.

Graedon stands strong in the Maori concept of 'Kaitiaki' - a protector, guardian, and custodian of the environment.

His creative leadership has played a pivotal role in the success of co-founded enterprise/social movement - Organic Mechanic which has grown to become a leader in the health & wellness collective through it's positive community based enterprising focus.

Being actively involved in the Cannabis/Hemp movement around the world, Graedon founded Hemp For Victory in 2014 to help to educate people about Hemp's many different uses and applications, in particular it's positive contribution to climate change.

As an artist, his style can be seen throughout his sketches, chalk murals, paintings, photography, and other digital mediums. He is a regular contributing author/illustrator for a selection of blogs, brands, and other publications - currently Creative Director at Organic Mechanic.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand