Kerry Petrie and Makerita Siaosi – A Girl Called Hope

MENTAL HEALTH PART 2 – During this interview the topics of depression, self-harm, addiction and eating disorders are explained. Kerry and Makerita share what warning signs to look for, the role family plays in a person getting help and how to bring hope and change to a someone who is struggling.

Kerry Petrie and Makerita Siaosi
About Kerry Petrie and Makerita Siaosi

A Girl Called Hope is a non–profit organisation working with young women who face life–controlling issues and behaviour, such as abuse, addictions, depression, eating disorders, self-harm and unplanned pregnancy. They exist to provide a future full of hope and potential to every young woman – to show them that they are valued, purposed and above all have a reason to live.

Kerry Petrie – Executive Director
Kerry has a background in business and financial management having worked as a CFO for 8 years. She has been involved with A Girl Called Hope since 2004, and in 2006 accepted the offer to lead the process of establishing the first residential programme in Auckland.

Makerita Siaosi - Residential Programme Manager
Makerita Siaosi leads the team of dedicated practitioners. Makerita's role focuses on the day to day running of the Programme across all three phases: Intake, Residential and Transition Support. Leading a multi-disciplinary team calls on Makerita's skills and experience from study at Laidlaw College, business management, ministry in the Vineyard movement and specialist training in therapeutic work. She has facilitated Criminogenics rehabilitation programmes and then trained and worked in Family Therapy engaging young people with severe conduct disorder as well as their ecology.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand