Dr Mark Thorpe – Clinical Pschologist

WORKPLACE STRESS PART 1 – Dr Mark Thorpe talks through what causes stress in the workplace, the hazards that can be caused through staff being stressed and the impact of stress on our work productivity. He shares how looking at the whole organisation, not just the individual, can start to show areas of where stress has been affecting the culture and environment of the workplace.

Dr Mark Thorpe
About Dr Mark Thorpe

Dr Mark Thorpe is a Clinical Psychologist with 32 years of experience. He has trained in a variety of different therapeutic models and assists people through short-term goal-oriented as well as long-term depth therapy. Mark teaches in the Department of Psychology at AUT University, and practices at Psychotherapy at Apollo.

Mark works collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds including adults, couples and families experiencing a wide range of problems. He is particularly interested in working with step-families, separation and divorce, the challenges of immigration, and work related anxieties and opportunities. Mark offers organisational consultancy and individual and group supervision to different mental health workers.

Mark has worked in private practice, government organisations and universities in South Africa and Aotearoa New Zealand. He is a chair of training of the New Zealand Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and on the council of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australasia. He has held the positions of Vice President of the South African Institute of Psychotherapy, Chairperson of the Cape Town Psychoanalytic Society, Psychology Professional Advisor for Pacific Health DHB, Committee Member of the NZ Institute of Counselling Psychology, and Head of the Department of Psychology at AUT University.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand