RESILIENCE – Daniel shares with us how to confront our fears, how to manage our thoughts on what may seem like impossible situations and how to bounce back from disappointing loses and failures. He explains how important it is to be resilient and tackle difficult situations that may come our way to get the break through that we are working towards. Don’t give up is a huge takeaway from this interview!

Daniel Paikea
About Daniel Paikea

Daniel Paikea has spent over 20 years connecting with people around topics that include finding your purpose, unlocking potential and overcoming addiction.

For well over a decade, Dan has been working with young people and families who have been caught up in the drug culture. He founded a Charitable Trust along with his wife, empowering young people and families for life, and equipping them with the tools to flourish through life’s challenges. In recent years he has raised over a million dollars to support this cause.

In 2008, Dan had the privilege of leading youth and young adults for several years in New Zealand and now resides on the Gold Coast, Australia. Daniel continues to communicate and develop people internationally with frequent speaking engagements.

He has been married to his beautiful wife Clare for 19 years and they have three amazing children Esther, Joel and Laura.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand