Anna Salek – Owner of Tea Total

BUSINESS PART 1 – After running Tea Total for over 20 years, Anna Salek shares here insights into how her tea company began, where her passion for tea started and the research that went into starting a business. She shares about her entrepreneur attitude and openness to take new opportunities and run with them.

Anna Salek
About Anna Salek

As an established entrepreneur and business-owner in her mid-twenties, Anna moved in a completely new direction when an opportunity presented itself in 1994. Living and working in Sydney at the time, Anna decided to check out a newly opened tea shop. Anna decided to buy 12 of their brightest and most beautiful teas and trial them at The Rocks Market, where she already had a stall. And that was the start of a twenty-year journey in the tea business.

Anna returned to Auckland, New Zealand and opened Tea Total as a café, selling drinks and snacks as well as packets of tea. She started the first Tea Total website in 2001, when e-commerce platforms and buying online were still relatively new. Anna found that customers loved the whole convenience factor of having the product delivered to their door.

In 2015, Anna took the opportunity to reassess her entire operation, deciding on a Concept Store in Rosedale, Albany. The change in direction came from Anna’s own business model (“20 years of consumer behaviour knowledge and gut instinct honed by listening to staff and taking inspiration from other successful businesses”) and a willingness to ‘shake-up’ the current business structure.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand