Amy and Sheldon Brown – Youth Communicators

PARENTING + WORK – Amy and Sheldon talk through the experience of returning to work after having their first child. They give some great advice on ways to make returning to work not as overwhelming as people may think, what new Dads can expect and what areas Amy struggled with when returning to work as a first time Mum.

Amy and Sheldon Brown
About Amy and Sheldon Brown

Amy and Sheldon Brown are a professional couple who work for a non-for-profit organisation in Takapuna, New Zealand. Here they work with young adults and a creative ministry. Amy provides the marketing and event planning for this organisation, while Sheldon works with the creatives and team of musicians.

Amy and Sheldon have also been involved with the Dream Centre who run Adopt-a-Block, which is a volunteer driven community outreach that involves activities with schools, beautification projects, food distribution clothing giveaways, neighbourhood clean-ups and neighbourhood patrol.

Amy and Sheldon have been married for two years and have a one year old daughter called Mya.

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand