Alastair Wootten – Formula Fit Owner

RESILIENCE – Alastair shares how his journey in motorsports has taught him about resilience and how to bounce back from disappointment. He talks through the importance of a support network and gives advice on anyone thinking about turning a bobby into a career. It’s not as easy as you may think!

Alastair Wootten
About Alastair Wootten

Alastair has been involved in motorsport and the fitness industry since he was young.
Alastair came from a circuit-racing background, with his Mum and Dad being involved within motorsports.

He came up through Formula First, Formula Ford and then spent three seasons racing in the Toyota Racing Series where he podiumed on numerous occasions.

Alastair is now the Owner of Formula Fit which specialises in functional strength and conditioning for high performing athletes. He spends his time between New Zealand and Australia coaching, mentoring and training individuals to achieve success in their own personal and professional areas.

He is a qualified Spinning Instructor, Gravity Trainer and holds a Diploma in Fitness Training and Strength and Conditioning Coach for Excellence in Sport NZ (HPSNZ).

LOCATION, Auckland, New Zealand