Who is Develop HQ for?

Develop HQ is for anyone who is breathing! It’s designed to help, educate and inform us on ways to do life well. It’s the ultimate online development tool for mental health and wellbeing.

How much does it cost?

A Monthly Membership is $8 or you can subscribe for a Yearly Membership with an annual cost of $59. Business Memberships are also available by contacting hello@develophq.com

Is Develop HQ available to International Members?

Yes, this is an online digital website and is available to members worldwide.

How many online resources does Develop HQ have?

Develop HQ has over 100 training resources, including interviews, study guides and e-courses with new content being added frequently.

I have a question that I would like someone to answer during an interview?

We encourage all our members to send in questions that they would like answered and we will do our best to add them into future interviews or e-courses we are filming. Please send in the topic and questions you would like answered to hello@develophq.com

I know someone who would be great to interview, how do I get in touch?

It’s always fantastic to hear from our members, if you think someone would be great to interview. Please send the persons contact information to hello@develophq.com

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